I Am, I Am, I Am



2 thoughts on “I Am, I Am, I Am

    1. Hello Deborah – no, I hadn’t seen this actually. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! Although I’d heard of stress being linked to depression before, this idea of inflammation is very new to me, and as you said very interesting if true. I’ll defintely be looking into it a bit more as the developments unfold. I must say though, the drugs part also sounded quite interesting to me too: the idea of blood tests being used to help determine which particular treatments may be more effective for a patient certainly sounds promising, and would hopefully help with the amount of uncertainty embedded within drug treatments for depression. As was breifly touched on in the article, at the moment taking any particular antidepressant seems more like a leap of faith – there’s no real way to know how your body may respond until it’s in your system. Consequently, if it happens to work for you then that’s great. However if it doesn’t and/or you experience nasty side effects, then you have no choice but to stop and start the process all over again. Mind you, this process of trial and error can take weeks, even months at a time for some. And for anyone in the midst of a depressive episode or crisis, this can be extremely demoralising and draining. Hopefully this research leads to a more positive change. -Ruth


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